Caring Burial And Cremation Services On The Mornington Peninsula

Deck View - Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron
Deck View – Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron

Deciding how to properly commemorate the lives of our loved ones is a very personal journey. It can be decided with the person before they pass, or sometimes it is a situation of making these choices while grieving for them. Our funeral directors have carefully designed various cremation options to allow every family to find the right service to farewell their loved ones. 

The Mornington Peninsula located just an hour from Melbourne, with a relaxed alfresco lifestyle, beach and coastal views, and picturesque natural scenery provides many unique and beautiful venues for a perfect farewell for your loved one. From yacht clubs to the many churches in the area our team at Carlyle Family Funerals are here to discuss the many options available to you for funeral services and wakes.

 We offer a variety of cremation services on the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas, including:
Cremation No Service – a private cremation with no mourners in attendance.  Additional services available.
Cremation Service – a cremation with a ceremony at a chapel, church or venue nearby.  Additional services available.
Burial Graveside Service – a graveside burial held at any of the Melbourne Metro cemeteries.  Additional services available.
Burial Dual Service – a ceremony at a chapel, church or venue nearby followed by a burial at any of the Melbourne Metro cemeteries.  Additional services available.
Repatriations – for loved ones who will be buried outside Australia, or those needing to be brought home if they pass away overseas.

Providing Affordable Funerals With Quality Care

Mount Martha Uniting Church Outside Rainbow
Mount Martha Uniting Church

The cost of a funeral service can add unnecessary stress at what is already a very difficult time. At Carlyle Family Funerals we believe every family deserves to farewell loved ones with funerals that fit their budget but are still high quality. We provide a range of burial and cremation services which can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Our family-run business was established by two funeral directors who recognised the need for caring and compassionate funerals at affordable prices. Over the years we have helped many families to grieve and farewell their loved ones and we hope to bring that same experience to you. 

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Front View - Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron
Front View – Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron

If you’re interested in any of our funerals, including unattended cremations, on the Mornington Peninsula or elsewhere, our funeral directors are available 24/7 for a free, no obligation discussion. You can contact us on 0408 640 182 at any time and we’ll be happy to advise on which of our services best fits your needs. 

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