Compassionate Funerals & Cremation Services In Geelong

The loss of a friend or family member is always a difficult time. At Carlyle Family Funerals we specialise in a variety of cremations, including unattended cremations, to suit every family’s unique requirements to help them say goodbye. We are a family-run business started by two professional funeral directors who recognised a need for compassionate, high-quality yet affordable funerals and cremations tailored to each family’s needs. We offer our services throughout Melbourne and greater Victoria, from Geelong to the Mornington Peninsula.

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, feel free to contact our professional funeral directors on 0408 640 182.

Affordable Funeral Options In Geelong

There are so many ways to say your final goodbyes when a loved one passes but not all of them are affordable. At Carlyle Family Funerals we believe in the importance of providing budget funerals and cremation services so that every family can find the right way to say goodbye. We offer a variety of cremation services in Geelong and surrounding areas, including:
Cremation No Service – a private cremation with no mourners in attendance.  Additional services available.
Cremation Service – a cremation with a ceremony at a chapel, church or venue nearby.  Additional services available.
Burial Graveside Service – a graveside burial held at any of the Melbourne Metro cemeteries.  Additional services available.
Burial Dual Service – a ceremony at a chapel, church or venue nearby followed by a burial at any of the Melbourne Metro cemeteries.  Additional services available.
Repatriations – for loved ones who will be buried outside Australia, or those needing to be brought home if they pass away overseas.

Speak With Our Professional Funeral Directors

social distancing at funeralIf you’d like to learn more about any of our budget-friendly funerals and cremation services, including unattended cremations and eco-friendly coffins, our funeral directors are available 24/7 to discuss. Get in touch with Carlyle Family Funerals on 0408 640 182 at any time for free, no obligation advice on how to properly commemorate your loved ones. 

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