Funeral finance for funeral related expenses

Not everyone has funeral insurance or finance immediately at hand to cover funeral expenses.  Access to funeral finance may be of assistance and relieve financial pressure.

Can you finance funeral expenses?

Yes!  Dealing with grief or loss can be difficult but knowing your funeral costs are covered upfront can be a huge relief to you and your family.

Why finance a funeral?

We strive to keep funeral costs affordable without compromising on quality, however families may choose to use Funeral Finance to cover costs until an estate is settled.  

Alternatively, some grieving families may want to upgrade the funeral of a loved one and require Funeral Finance to cover the immediate cost without dipping into financial reserves.

Funeral finance provides peace of mind and comfort
Funeral finance can provide peace of mind

What expenses can be covered?

Funeral Finance can cover Burials or Cremations and all of the associated costs; for example, expression coffins, service fees, chapel hire and flowers to name just a few.

How does funeral finance work?

Applications can be done onsite with your Carlyle Funerals representative and a response received within the hour.  A 20% deposit of the total amount is required, with the remainder available to be financed. Flexible payment terms and low establishment costs are explained in full and an information sheet is provided so transparency prevails. We follow the National Privacy Principles and our privacy policy can be found at the bottom of the first page.  We believe in responsible lending and will help tailor a service to suit your budget.  Please call anytime to discuss any of our service options: 0408 640 182
floral arrangements can be paid for with funeral finance

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